Our Hospital

The staff of Britannia Animal Hospital have been caring for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and exotics from Mississauga, the Greater Toronto area, and beyond since its establishment in 1993.

The hospital began with Dr. Heather White and Dr. John Valsamis. It has grown over the years with a core support team of Kristal, Carley and Gloria. We are extremely fortunate to have Dr. Alison Young and Dr. Urszula Korolczuk as associate veterinarians. Each of our veterinarians are comfortable caring for all species of exotic and companion animals. We have three veterinary technicians: Katelyn (RVT), Jennifer (RVT) and Rachel (RVT). Rounding out our team are Grace, Tara, Natalie, Fiorella, Madelyn and Jessica.

Britannia Animal Hospital maintains community involvement through local high school co-op programs, clinic tours offered for school children and extracurricular groups, as well occasionally visiting community institutions and schools to give educational talks.